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Don’t be a dinosaur! Get help today!

How can a Virtual Assistant benefit your business?

Many people start a business because they have a passion, only to find being in business involves substantially more than just the fun parts.  It can be easier, quicker and save time and money for you and your business if you outsource the parts you don’t enjoy so much or are unsure of.

A qualified professional Virtual Assistant can help your business by performing tasks which you maybe don’t have the time to do or are perhaps not confident in doing yourself.  Outsourcing to a Virtual Assistant also eliminates the need to employ a permanent member of staff.  As self-employed professionals, Virtual Assistants cover their own tax and National Insurance and can work from their own office or yours if you prefer (there may be a fuel charge depending on travel involved) and you only pay for time spent working directly for your company; not for coffee breaks, chatting round the photocopier or searching Google.

Virtual Assistant WordPress Website Assistance

Do you have a website in place that’s getting a little tired looking or even worse, no website at all?  These days the majority of your potential customers will be looking online to find you and if you’re not there, you’re losing business.  I can put together a basic 5 page WordPress website for you to get you up and running online.

Virtual Assistant Social Media Help

Do you have social media in place?  Do you have a Facebook page or Twitter?  Do you need more time in the day to keep up with posting to pages or reading messages sent to you; work – enquiries perhaps?  Or emails?  Would it be beneficial to you to have assistance in keeping up with the day-to-day running of social media and messaging?  The majority of people use search engines to find what they need nowadays.  Don’t be a dinosaur, and don’t be afraid to ask for help if you aren’t really sure how it all works!  Help is just a phone call away, so holler!

Virtual Assistant Transcription/Copy Typing Help

Do you have a recording that needs to be transcribed?  Audio transcription has progressed from the days of dictaphones, there are many ways of making a recording.  The recording can be sent via Dropbox, transcribed, then sent back to you.  Although you may be keyboard familiar, being trained in speed typing is a definite advantage so why not use the services of a trained professional?

Virtual Assistant Database Entry

Being trained in speed typing is a definite advantage when entering information onto a database and it’s one of those jobs that takes up valuable time.  Why not appoint a professional to take care of it for you?


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